The Mite Factor

I advertised a casting call in Mite’s Reader’s Digest, looking for the perfect mite to my new story. At first, I was quite sceptical that they would be interested in anything more than just collecting food and family matters, but I was overwhelmed by enthusiastic submissions from Mites from all corners of the globe.
The first round took place last weekend. Because of the large amount of Mites that turned up (2002 in total!), I found it very difficult to make up my mind. To help me in my selection, I have made a shortlist, posted below.The winner will be announced next month.
In the meantime, do please select your own favorites that you think should win, but please play fair – only humans are eligible to vote – strictly no Mites!
I would like to thank all the participants in the competition for they great spirit. I will never see Mites in quite the same way again.
For now though, my dear little Mites, please refrain from sending any further applications as the submission period is now closed, and I would hate to think of any of you turning up only to find all the lights off and nobody home!
Puy Pinillos©

One thought on “The Mite Factor

  1. Hi Puy,
    I really like your post. It’s very funny and I like your drawings,. I would like to vote for the Mite num. 42.

    Keep up the good work!

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